Team coaching

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be​

Curious whether that would work for you? I am curious to meet you. No canned pitch. Just a conversation.

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Connect in a meaningful way

People on your team have different personalities, cultural backgrounds and experiences. Moreover, they probably have individual goals and ways to achieve them. They have strengths, skills and preferences and can either be standing on each other’s way or merge to a cohesive ensemble. Understanding what everyone needs to perform at own’s best is the first step to building team power.

Develop team identity

A feeling, that team members belong to a unique worthwhile group drives the belief, that team members can perform better together, that alone. They become more willing to agree on common goals, share responsibilities, help each other with their time and knowledge.

Build space for creative innovation

Nurturing psychological safety while promoting healthy dissent can create a culture, where people don’t just smile and nod, but propose alternatives and come up with break-though solutions by leveraging individual ideas. Such teams are more likely to identify hidden opportunities which can open the door for new markets and position your company as an industry leader.

Our coach works with the whole team helping each member bring the best in them to the collaborative performance, so that the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts.

Roles of your Team Coach


Explore the bigger picture of the stated need by asking questions to ignite deeper thinking in the team members, having a dialog to gain deeper insights into the challenges and opportunities at hand.


Co-create along with 1-2 team members a design of an intervention. The coach benefits from wisdom of the team and the team benefits from coach’s expertise in design.


The coach is a skilled observer who knows how listen actively, patiently suspend judgement and pay attention to words and interactions within the team.


Use tools and techniques to foster dialog, and active participation of all team members. Create a safe and focused environment, give clear instructions and pay attention to the group dynamics.


Share tools and techniques on facilitation process, team engagement, creative design, reflection among others, so that the team can learn and be able to use these later by themselves.


Reflection is a catalyst for learning. The coach helps the team to reflect on insights, experiences, that the coaching process has created and help to connect these learnings to future actions.

Certified Team Coach


Accelerate your journey

Team Coaching 2


Focused and specific interventions around most burning topics on the team’s agenda:

  • How to work together – norms setting and role contracting
  • Innovation and ideation - design thinking to spark best ideas
  • Bringing up to speed: kick-project kick-off, planning process
  • Reflection and Dialog, peer learning and peer coaching,
  • Understand individuals on you team – glimpses into personality profiling, conflict resolution

These workshops can be delivered as meaningful and impactful stand-alone interventions, tailored to the team’s needs.


Team help to align employees on company culture and values while giving them an overall boost in morale and performance. A day or two away from work creates wonders:

  • Shows appreciation for all the hard work the team did so far.
  • Builds personal connections while having some fun. 
  • Facilitates out-of-the box thinking.
  • Creates momentum for change.
  • Helps to kick-off new projects and initiatives with high energy.

As no two teams are the same, be ready to receive a customized package including training, facilitation, learning, having fun, sharing memories and creating visions that would be just right for your company culture, preferences and budget.

Team Coaching 3
Team Coaching 4


It is not hard to build a cohesive, strong and high-performing team. All it takes is dedicated effort and a good team coach. 

To achieve real change and consistent results, I will accompany your team towards more effective application of their social skills and individual superpowers to fuel the team’s success. The circle of transformation will start with understanding the challenges and will end with creating long-term habits for sustainable shifts in the team dynamics. Be ready to see:

  • Improved communication.
  • Higher degree of trust and more effective conflict resolution.
  • Better interpersonal understanding.
  • Increasing sense of accountability and commitment.
  • Making team achievement number one priority.