Help companies and teams to create momentum for success in the digitalised world.

  • Working virtually is a very natural way to do business in today’s connected world. The advantages are clear: see no geographical boundaries on finding the best staff, putting together a global team of experts with exact skills, know-how and capacities you need. It is less of the hiring and scaling challenges as the business grows, as today’s talented employees are looking for jobs offering higher flexibility and ability for a better work-life balance and less commute.
  • Many teams and companies see these opportunities coming with the challenges of poor communication, low engagement and feeling of alienation, which often lead to suboptimal performance and poor goal achievement.
  • The good news is, that all these challenges can be reframed as learning and growing opportunities on the way to highly to committed, top performing and noticeably successful virtual teams. Well organised remote work allows companies to compete in today’s increasingly globalised society, as it becomes more a necessity than a privilege on order to remain relevant and successful in the business world of today and tomorrow.
  • If today your team or your organisation is going through this challenging, but very rewarding journey, to the efficient, effective and highly performing virtual organisation, I look forward to accompany you on your way to excellence and great achievements.

Management Advisory

Your partner in digital transformation for sustainable change.

Corporate Workshops

Get on hands the best tools and techniques for your organizational preferences.

Open Programs

Structured trainings delivered virtually to bring the competencies of your people to the next level. 

Event Faciliator and Speaker

Virtually or in person – I will deliver an engaging and interactive presentation for your audience.  


In short, intensive and interactive workshops online or face-to-face, you will become familiar with the best tools and techniques for the most common challenges in virtual work, such as team roles, performance, communication, conflict resolution, use of technology and tools etc.

You will get solutions on hands for further implementation in your team. You can later use them as building blocks on your way to better virtual collaboration.



You want to address specific challenges of your team and none of the standard solutions seem to fit? You want to have a different focus or to go deeper on any of the topics?

I will customise the solution to match your team's or organisation's demands and will suggest the most suitable tools and approaches to achieve your goals. We will agree on the procedure and details and craft an optimal roadmap for the best possible results. 


Good performance means good teamwork. But developing a high performing team over distance requires effort. In our coaching process we will work through the dynamic within the team. We will focus on building better relationships, enhancing trust and achieving higher commitment. These are necessary conditions for engaged and fruitful virtual teamwork, for achieving common goals together.

In a team coaching or an individual coaching, I will help you to reflect the current behavioural patterns and challenge the status quo and to develop a culture of trust over time. 



I am a speaker at events and conferences about virtual work and gravity in remote teams. I am available for speaking at virtual as well as actual events.

Gravity in remote teams includes strong virtual leadership, coherent virtual team work, trust and collaboration in remote teams, positive and collaborative team dynamics and actually a bit more.

We discuss your expectations and set the focus to meet the demands of your audience.