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Be connected.
Collaborate virtually.
Unfold full potential.

What is GRAVITEAMS about?

Engaging across borders, times zones and cultures is the most natural way to do business in the modern professional world. Mastering virtual collaboration, attracting top talent globally and streamlining digitalised operations are not privileges, but the necessities for any organisation in order to remain successful and relevant today and in the future.

GRAVITEAMS is your professional partner for taping into full potential of virtual collaboration. It will help you to connect your people through technology and in spirit, to drive your revenue and to wow your customers regardless of the physical location.

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Two forces rule the universe – light and gravity   
 (Simone Weil) 

Gravity is one of the defining forces of the universe. Different depending on mass and distance, but it is a law of nature and it is there, even if you are not aware of it. You don’t need to do anything for it to work; but you can confidently rely on the fact, that objects are being pulled toward one another. Planets stay in their orbits, the apple falls to the ground and we keep walking on the surface of Earth.

A bit different is it with the interpersonal gravity in our organisational teams. We pull, attract, and interact, stay in the orbit, or fall out depending on different factors, like a common goal, a mission, personal ties or psychological safety. Similarly, as with the physical gravity, you cannot easily observe the acting forces, but you see the results: engagement, motivation, openness, recognition, and appreciation of each other’s contribution. You would easily agree, that team gravity is a good thing to have.

But differently than the laws of nature, team gravity does not simply exist. Instead, it emerges as the result of our continuous dedicated work and effort, that creates the invisible force connecting us to each other. GRAVITEAMS is about helping to create gravity in remote teams.

Why is virtual different?

Everything that an onsite team needs for the best possible performance, becomes essential in a virtual team.


Any leader aspires to organise and inspire, show integrity and empathy along with achieving outstanding results. Ability to lead without physical presence requires an even sharper sight for clarity, focus and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Tools & Processes

If teamwork relies on technology, it needs to be organised in the best possible way. Processes should be clear, simple and accepted. Deliberately chosen tools should be reliable, secure and consistently and thoughtfully applied.


Communication in virtual teams is less frequent and transmits information with fewer emotional and contextual cues. The only way to keep misunderstandings at bay, is to be extremely clear and disciplined about how the team communicates.

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Reliable partner
for your success

I am Nataliya Wiedemeyer, the founder of GRAVITEAMS and a virtual leader, consultant and trainer. I am dedicated to promoting digital and virtual teamwork and fostering a forward-looking transformational leadership style in distributed teams.

With 15 years of experience in an international environment as a project manager, business consultant and advisor for clients in Europe, Middle East and Asia, I help leaders and teams to identify the most suitable tools and approaches for outstanding virtual performance.


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