Business coaching for individuals

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be​

Curious whether that would work for you? I am curious to meet you. No canned pitch. Just a conversation.

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Achieve more

Become aware of your own potential

Think deeper

Improve the quality of your thinking, expand your views, enrich your mental maps and gain new perspectives

Create new habits

Improve the quality of your thinking, expand your view, enriching your mental maps and gain new perspectives

Accelerate your journey

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You were successful in your job, or your career until you have hit the wall. It is kind of difficult to identify, what is that wall exactly. Do you want career progression? More money? More appreciation? More interesting job profile? More alignment with your personal values or with your lifestyle?

Whatever it is, I will help you reimagine and recreate success in your professional life so you can strike the right role, which is personally enriching and fulfilling. It might be a similar role in a different company or just a new position with your current employer. It might be a different industry, or different geography or a different kind of work. Or maybe the time has come for you to start your own business.

If you are ready to dig deeper inwardly, you will gain clarity, which will make it nonsensical to accept anything less than what you desire.


Expectations and pressures towards business executives are quite multidimensional these days. Leaders need to get around increasing business complexity, larger number of stakeholders with versatile interests, organizational culture, leading with purpose. They are must be innovative, creative and flexible, while at the same time delivering the solid bottom line.

I will help you get your head around all that with more clarity and ease, so it works just for you. Some of the benefits that you can expect to reap:

-More clarity about your personal strength and preferences and strategies to leverage those

-Improved ability to bring out the very best in others, and help them grow

-Spot and resolve conflicts for better work atmosphere

-Identify and overcome any personal or professional obstacles such as self-doubt, perfectionism or own emotions being on the way.

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Entrepreneurship is a truly rewarding endeavor, but especially in the beginning it may feel overwhelming and hard. Obstacles are looming everywhere, like high expectations of yourself and the day just not having enough hours, potential blind spots regarding the product, the process, the assumptions behind the business plan, issues around working routine and self-discipline, self-awareness and ability to realistically assess own potential, including knowledge, experience, and energy.

Coaching can help you to create structures, so you can feel more confident on your entrepreneurial journey:

Clarify your objectives and set ambitious, yet achievable goals

Sharpen your value proposition

Establish your value

Define your roadmap

Create habits for long term resilience

Sharpen your analytical, critical and creative thinking skills

 As a certified brain-based performance coach, i always work with the brain in mind. That means understanding how brain works and reinforcing its natural activities. We identify the right challenge and come to a solution faster, while being able to take action based on your individual insights.


How does your brain work?

Brain is a connecting machine

Brain loves making connections and makes millions of them each second. That’s brain secret to creativity, intelligence and the very thinking process.

Everyone’s brain is different

You see the world in your own unique way. That is why it is so difficult to adopt someone’s ready-to-go strategies. How you would solve a challenge is unique to you.

Brain hardwires mental pathways

The brain is hardwired with thinking and acting patterns, much like a city is interwoven with streets. This helps us to create mental shortcuts.

Existing pathways are responsible for habits

Our thoughts and actions follow the existing pathways. Change in behavior need rewiring of the brain.

Brain cannot think in negative pictures.

“Don’t think of a pink elephant” doesn’t work. Getting rid of old patterns of the brain is  not possible by restricting them. The only way is to create new ones.

Creating new patterns for the brain is easy and fun

New activities and deliberate attention help to create new wiring. Desired pathways get stronger with repetition. Brain loves this process of neuroplasticity.