Why work with me?

I am dedicated to bringing your virtual team to the new level.

My vision is the connected world, where people work together on making it a little better every day. Regardless, whether they sit across the room or in different hemispheres.

My passion is to empower teams to do just that. 

I help virtual teams to develop and improve their engagement, performance, and productivity. I see virtual teams as the most natural way to do things in the globalised world of today and tomorrow. Many teams, who work from different locations, are struggling to unfold their true potential and tap fully into their resources. Many organisations forgo business opportunities in the face of the challenge of virtual collaboration, cross-cultural work or perceived difficulty to find the “right” foreign partner.

I am dedicated to helping companies and teams to work virtually and develop a forward-looking transformational leadership style, aligning the business strategy of the company with personal development of the team members. I help leaders and teams to identify the most suitable tools and approaches, to embrace different communication styles, cultural diversity and combinations of values and beliefs for better virtual performance. I help to change mindsets, to utilise the right techniques and to find the right tools for improved collaboration and positive results across distance for each team I work with.  Not “one size fits all”, but tailored solutions for identified challenges.


Nataliya Wiedemeyer

I am an international trainer, business consultant and project manager since 2005 and have been working with clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. I have been leading successful project teams in organisational, regulatory and technical projects. I have led and consulted teams to question their boundaries and to explore the opportunities beyond the established success criteria of profit and growth, of time, budget and expected outcomes. It creates possibilities for personal growth, development as a team and leads to better and smarter business decisions and greater results, than those initially anticipated.

M. A. of International Business Economics, Universität Konstanz, Germany

M.A in Economics, University of Ternopil, Ukraine

Further education in Business Administration, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, USA

Project Manager Professional, (PMP)®, Project Management Institute

Certified Virtual Team Leader, GeProS GmbH

Certified Project Management Expert, Haufe Academy and Technical School Deggendorf

Certified Business Trainer, Akademie fuer Trainer und Coaches

Member and Volunteer at Project Management Institute (PMI) 

Member and Volunteer at Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Expand your virtual work horizon.