What is VTMM®

Virtual Team Maturity Model (VTMM®) is your first step to superior virtual teamwork

An academically developed and empirically validated model will help you to evaluate all aspects of your remote teamwork

Involve your team into the change process

An assessment in the form of a comprehensive questionnaire to be
completed by each team member

Get a clear picture of where your stand

A detailed report about the actual maturity of your virtual teamwork
based on the assessments results

Define your priorities

If your want to improve, you choose where you start and which
actions you take with your team. We help you cope
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Improve your virtual teamwork along the VTMM®

Challenges of different working habits and communication patterns in virtually working – often culturally and personally diverse teams 

will strongly benefit from this fast and effective assessment and open the path to effective adjustments.Each team member submits individual responses.

All responses together give clarity, on where your currently stand. 

We give you ideas, insights and coaching how to excel to the better, more effective and more pleasant virtual teamwork. 

VTMM Maturity Levels

Effective information collection

-  No lengthy interviews
-  Perception of every team member
-  Personal confidentiality guaranteed
-  Scalable for multiple teams

Full report on where your stand

-  Aggregation of individual responses
-  Wide scale of domains with separate scores
-  Maturity levels for each process
-  Recommendations for improvements

Starting point for your transformation

-  Pick the processes you would like to improve
-  Take VTMM® recommendations as a starting point
-  Reassess with VTMM® when done
-  Repeat the process until as long as desired.

Virtual Collaboration